8-Bit Symphony Pro

3 Days Remain For The 8-Bit Symphony Pro Kickstarter

There are just 3 days remaining to make a pledge on the 8-Bit Symphony Pro Kickstarter. As of this update there are 620 backers...

Retromancave Interviews Chris Abbott

Retromancave Interviews Chris Abbott who is turning your favourite 8Bit C64 tunes into full blown epics with a symphony orchestra. In this episode he...

Music Albums on Game Cartridges (C64 & Megadrive)

In this episode of Techmoan the narrator talks about his fasination with the many different music playing formats that have come out over the...
High Voltage SID Collection

High Voltage SID Collection # 71 Released

Another update of HVSC has been released. The collection now contains 51,823 SIDs. Update # 71 includes 464 new SIDs as well as numerous...

New 8-Bit Symphony Trailer

The upcoming 8-Bit Symphony has a new trailer out for your enjoyment. 8-Bit Symphony is the amazing 8-Bit experience at Hull City Hall on 15th...

Mr. Mouse – FM-YAM With SFX Sound Expander – OPL1+OPL2 together

Here Mr. Mouse demonstrates what will happen if you boldly stick the FM-YAM in the Expansion port of the SFX Sound Expander that is...