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Monday, February 18, 2019

C256 Foenix Project Introduction Video & January/February 2019 Update

Stefanie has finally released the video she's been talking about since Dec 2018 regarding the differences in between Revision A and B of the...

Commodore Service Manual for C64, Amiga and Commodore PC’s

Steve from YouTube page Steve's Retro Gaming has come across an old Commodore Business Machines service manual for the C64, Amiga and Commodore PC's...
Scene World Logo Largevideo

Scene World Podcast Episode #59 Has Arrived

This episode AJ and Joerg interview developer Martin Rabl of GIANTS Software about the C64 port of Farming Simulator and why retrogaming is such a big...

Resurrecting An Amiga 500+

Lewin Day from Hackaday.com has published video on how he restored a classic Amiga 500+ he received from a big retro haul.
Turbo Chameleon V2

Turbo Chameleon V2 Now Shipping

After a 1 day delay due to weather Individual Computers reports that their Turbo Chameleon V2 is now shipping. Delivery date is confirmed to...
Retro City Festival 2019

Retro City Festival 2019 Photo Gallery

The Retro-Link.com Blog has just posted a gallery of 40+ photos from the second annual Retro City Festival which took place January 5th &...
CCGMS 2019

CCGMS Ultimate Released

Alwyz has just released another CCGMS 2019 update called CCGMS Ultimate for the C64.  Here’s the note from his website. Only a few weeks into...

Jim Butterfield Commodore 64 Training Tape From 1983

I stumbled across this on Youtube and thought I would share it with the community. By todays standards it's hard to believe training like...

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