Jeff Minter Retro Hour Podcast

Retro Hour Podcast Episode #146 Released

Dan Brown and Ravi Abbott's Retro Hour Podcast has just launched episode #146. This edition is dedicated to legendary British developer, programmer and founder...

Nybbles and Bytes Commodore 128D – Episode 2: Meet the VIC-II

There's a new Commodore 64/128 blog out called Nybbles and Bytes. They've just launched their second episode and are covering the memory mapping, color RAM,...

“C64 Customs” Performs ARM2SID Installation and Testing

Daniel has received a new ARM2SID, twin stereo version, of the ARMSID chipset. In this video he sets it up on his C64 Reloaded...

Daniel Renner’s C64 Re-Work Completed

Daniel Renner keeps pumping out the videos. In this latest update he's finally finsihed his Modded C64 Rebuild. Daniel reports the following: "I've added the two...
IECHost and a Commodore 1541 drive

IECHost GUI Client V3.3-RC Update

Luigi Di Fraia has been mighty busy of late and has come out with a second update this week for his IECHost GUI Client. The...

Retro Recipes Builds An All New Commodore 64 Without Commodore Parts

In this episode of Retro Recipes Perifractic builds a new modern Commodore 64 without Commodore parts. The challenge is not to only use non-Commodore...

Modding TheC64 Mini

In his latest podcast Daniel demonstrates how to root TheC64 Mini and change and or  reorganize it's games. He also shows you had to...

The Brixty Four: Part 3 – LEGO Keyboard, PCB & Winners

Perifractic concludes the Brixty Four project with a working LEGO Keyboard and PCB along with the winners of the Brixty Four prototype built over...