8-Bit Show And Tell Anti-Microsoft Easter Egg Hidden In C64 BASIC

A newsletter from 2015 has a BASIC listing that claims to reveal an easter egg that seeks revenge for Bill Gates' WAIT 6502,X easter...

Jon Woods Lateral Motions of Geo-Referenced Sprites on the C64

Jon Woods has a new view up detailing the Lateral Motions of Geo Referenced Sprites. Anchoring a sprite to a fixed point on a bi-directionally...
Amiga 500 Recapping & Gotek Installation

Ovesen.net Performs Amiga 500 Recapping And Gotek Installation

In their latest episode Ovesen.net cleans and recaps an Amiga 500 computer and then installs a GOTEK floppy drive emulator with a floppy drive...
GadgetUK164 A2000 Video Zorro Iinstability Repair

GadgetUK164 Amiga 2000 Video Fault / Zorro Fault / Instability Repair

GadgetUK164 repairs a donated Amiga 2000 motherboard with multiple problems. Stick around and see how it's done.

Bread Box Demonstrates Using A CD Or Record Player With A C64

In this episode of Bread Box, Justin becomes inspired after seeing the latest episode of "8-Bit Show and Tell". It got me thinking at 2.30am,...

8-Bit Show & Tell Recovers 35 Year-Old C64 Easter Egg On Vinyl

8-Bit Show & Tell demonstrates how to recover a Commodore 64 program hidden on a 1984 album by Christian rock band Prodigal. The program...

64 Customs Visits the Vintage Computing Festival in Berlin

In this Episode 64 Customs has traveled to the Vintage Computer Festival in Berlin (Oct 12th & 13th 2019) and provides some video from...

Retro Recipes VIC-II² PAL/NTSC Switcher

In the latest episode of Retro Recipes Perifractic collaborates with Sean Harrington aka 1Stage, to build a board that will allow your Commodore 64...