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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

SEUCK Compo 2019 Entry #3 – Protox-1 by VG VOX

Another SEUCK Compo 2019 entry has hit TND HQ this weeken. This time it is a futuristic space blaster by VG VOX called Protox-1....

Reset64 Magazine 2018 Commodore 64 Game of the Year Award

Reset64 Magazine has announced the winners of the 2018 Commodore 64 Game of the year award. I won't spoil it here, however enjoy the...

Black Dawn Rebirth for the Commodore Amiga 500

Double Sided Games has announced that they will publish the 7th episode of the Black Dawn series called Black Dawn Rebirth.  The game is a RPG / dungeon crawler...
Robo Form X game play.

SEUCK Compo 2019 Entry #2 – Robo Form X by VG VOX

Here comes the second entry for the OFFICIAL C64 SEUCK COMPO. Written by VG VOX, with aid of the standard Shoot Em Up Construction...
CCGMS 2019

CCGMS Ultimate Released

Alwyz has just released another CCGMS 2019 update called CCGMS Ultimate for the C64.  Here’s the note from his website. Only a few weeks into...
L'abbaye des morts

L’abbaye des morts Released for the Commodore 64

Double Sided Games has officially released L’abbaye des morts for the Commodore 64. The game is avaialble in two versions from the Double Sided Games...
CCGMS 2019

CCGMS 2019 Released!

Alwyz has just released CCGMS 2019 for the C64.  Here's the note from his website. CCGMS 2019 Xmodem-CRC added SuperCPU Support added Easyflash Config load/save added Now handles drive...

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