BMC64 v2.3 Update

Randy Rossi has published a small update to the BMC64 emulators today. The new v2.3 update includes the following: Add virtual keyboard Added vertical/horizontal...

BMC64 / BMC128 and BMCVIC20 v2.2 Release

It's been a while since we covered the BMC64. In case you're wondering what BMC64 is, it stands for Bare Metal C64 Emulator. BMC64...
Hi65 Home Screen

Hi65 Emulator Updated to v6.1 **UPDATED**

Since there were no notes about this release I reached out to Devil Master about this update and he reported the following: Nothing in the...
U64 Streamer v1.2

U64 Streamer v1.2 Released

Version 1.2 of the U64 Streamer software has been released. This version is optimized for the PAL singal (Europe) and teh NTSC signal update is...

Commodore.Software July Update #2

The Commodore Software website has posted a bunch of new and updated software since the last update earlier this month. You might want to...
DirMaster v3.1.3/Style

DirMaster Updated to v3.1.3/Style

The latest update to DirMaster, v3.1.3, has been released. There are no new features in this release, only bug fixes. Issues reported by users that were resolved...
Magic Desk Cartridge Generator

Magic Desk Cartridge Generator

This program can be used to generate Commodore 64 cartridges in Magic Desk format, with C64 programs that can be selected from menu: Cartridge hardware...
U64 Streamer

So You Want To Stream From Your Ultimate-64?

Ever wanted to stream a game from your Commodore 64? It's possible however you have to jump through some hoops using multiple external peices...