Tapuino Reloaded

If you're not already aware of it the Tapuino-Reloaded is a Commodore 64 tape drive emulator for the Commodore C64, Vic 20, C16 / Plus...

How to Configure the SID chip on the Ultimate-64.

YouTuber Jarkko Lehti has created a video on his YouTube channel with an indepth explaination on how to add and configure SID chips to the...

Nybbles and Bytes Commodore 128D – Episode 2: Meet the VIC-II

There's a new Commodore 64/128 blog out called Nybbles and Bytes. They've just launched their second episode and are covering the memory mapping, color RAM,...

FPGASID (Stereo 6581/8580 Replacement) by andi6510

Xad Nightfall puts the fpgaSID replacement chip through the paces. The first three tunes are 8580/Stereo and the last one is 6581/Mono. 1. Hokuto by Nata...

DIY Commodore 64 Power Supply

YouTuber William Chrapcynski has made a video on how to build you own DIY C64 replacement power supply. This is a well thought out build...

Commodore Amiga OS 3.1.4 on a Amiga 1200

Bill from The Guru Meditation Youtube channel installs the brand new Hyperion Entertainment AmigaOS 3.1.4 on his Amiga 1200. This is not a review or demo of...
IECHost and a Commodore 1541 drive

IECHost GUI Client V3.3-RC Update

Luigi Di Fraia has been mighty busy of late and has come out with a second update this week for his IECHost GUI Client. The...

The Amiga is Reborn via the Vampire V4 Standalone

If you use an Amiga computer then there's little doubt that you haven't heard of an Amiga accelerator card. They're quite popular and there...