Bart Venneker’s C64 Chat Cartridge

Bart Venneker has been building a chat system for the C64 called "C64 Chat" for the last several months. This is the 4th video...

C64 Customs Using a Roland MC 303 with the Mssiah Bassline

In what is essentually part two of the last video Daniel continues using his Mssiah Cartridge, this time with a Roland MC 303 Groovebox....

C64 Customs Demonstrates Using Roland SBX-1 with the Mssiah Cartridge

In this edition of his podcast Daniel uses a Roland SBX-1 with his Mssiah Cartidge in order to intface it with the Cubase and...

Minit Is Being Ported To The C64 as Minit64

Devolver Digital has announced, via Commodore Format Magazine, that it's popular 2018 RPG game Minit (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch) is going to be...

Eric Hill Discusses The A1000 Development System and Modern C64’s

This is a video recorded by Robert Bernado during the PaCommEx 2019 on June 8th at the Living Computers: Museum + Labs in Seattle,...

Build Your Own Amiga 500 Memory Expansion Card

In this video the folks over atĀ build a Amiga 500 Memory Expansion Card from a kit they picked up from eBay. They report...

A Beginners Guide to the Amiga Workbench

The latest episode of the 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast (10MARC) is dedicated is bringing us Part 1 of the A Beginners Guide to...

C64 Brain Commodore 64 Basic Playground #3

In this video C64 Brain continues his Basic Playground tutorial series. ASCII - display character - position on screen Conditions - IF/ELSE - allowing...