_C64 Customs_ Status Update on FPGASID adapters for the Ultimate64

Daniel Renner has changed his channel name to "C64 CUSTOMS" and in this episode he goes over his single and double FPGASID adapters he's...

FPGASID on the Ultimate64

In this new video Daniel does an update where he adds the FPGASID chips and expansion adapter to his Ultimate64 board.

Plan C’s Unscientific Testing of DIY PLAs on Five C64s

YouTube user Plan C has created a video were he's testing DIY PLA chips on his 5 Commodore 64's with various results.
IECHost and a Commodore 1541 drive

IECHost GUI Client V3.3-RC Update

Luigi Di Fraia has been mighty busy of late and has come out with a second update this week for his IECHost GUI Client. The...

Nybbles and Bytes Commodore 128D – Episode 2: Meet the VIC-II

There's a new Commodore 64/128 blog out called Nybbles and Bytes. They've just launched their second episode and are covering the memory mapping, color RAM,...

Adrian Black Troubleshoots a “Black Screen” C64

In his latest episode popular YouTuber Adrian Black trouble shoots a non-working C64 Main Board that's displaying a black screen.

Jan Beta Amiga 2000 Power Supply Repair

Jan Beta continues working on his new Amiga 2000 refurb project. In this episode he replaces the fan inside the Amiga 2000's power brick.

Artifact Electronics C128 Repair (Part 1)

In Part 1 of this series Artifact Electronics starts off by fixing the C128 keyboard.