Double Sided Games Announces Black Dawn Rebirth Open For Pre-orders

Black Dawn Rebirth Amiga box front

Double SIde Games has announced that pre-orders are now being taken for the new Sci-Fi Dungeon RPG Black Dawn Rebirth.

Design & code: Shaun Watters
Graphics: TenShu
Music & Sound: Mike Richmond
Introduction code: Colin Vella


  • 64 colours on screen
  • 7 dungeons (21 levels) to explore
  • 14 different weapons
  • 21 different types of enemies (3 per dungeon)
  • Amazing animated introduction using an entire floppy!
  • PAL / NTSC compatible
  • Hard drive installable
  • Playable on a A500+/A600/Later A2000 and up (requires 1mb of chip ram)
  • 3D movement effects available for faster Amiga.

Game package contains: 

  • Cardboard Box
  • Six 3″1/2 Floppies
  • Instruction Manual
  • Dungeons booklet to draw your own maps and take notes.
  • Digital download (ADF)

The game will be released and shipped on Dec 1st. The digital edition will be available that same day.

Last but not least is a live stream run the other day which shows off the final version of the game. Enjoy!

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