Kernal64 Updated to v1.5.3

Kernal64 Screens

The latest edition of Kernal64, version 1.5.3, has been released.

What’s new in 1.5.3 (Nov 22th 2019)

  • Fixed bug that prevents G64 floppy to run properly on 1571 drive.
  • New 2.13 Scala libraries.
  • Cart rom handling fix for unordered rom’s index sequence
  • New command line option: –cpm64-enabled
  • Fixed VDC color palette
  • Fixed sprite handling for “Krestage 3” 50 pixels wide sprites
  • When JAM opcodes are executed the user can choose if continue or open debugger
  • Improved disk change recognition: Now the R/W disk head will read an empty disk for a while while user is changing disk
  • New command line option: –run-file. Can be used to run the specific file (on the attached disk) at startup
  • Fixed track allocation table for .D64 modified for .D71 support.
  • Removed disk insertion emulation when user is dragging a disk
  • D64: added last sector gap
  • Added directory/bam support for G64 format: now G64 can be previewed
  • Minor fixes to pass more CIA’s tests
  • Added support for Zaxxon & Mach 5 carts
  • VDC: New screen size selection from VDC main screen. Useful to display images larger than PAL dimensions.
  • CPU: Fixed RTI, CLI, SEI and PLP; RTI: executes irq immediately if after restoring flags I = 0 and irq is pending; CLI,SEI,PLP: execute next instruction even if irq condition is satisfied
  • VIC: general improvements for sprites and gfx
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