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Retro Recipes Handheld Commodore 64 Mockup

On this week's episode Perifractic takes a look at the Commodore HX-64. What is the HX-64? It's a 3D CAD mockup of what a...

Retro Recipes VIC-II² PAL/NTSC Switcher

In the latest episode of Retro Recipes Perifractic collaborates with Sean Harrington aka 1Stage, to build a board that will allow your Commodore 64...

Retro Recipes Is Donated One Of Team17’s Amiga 1200’s

In this episode Perifractic receives one of Team17's developmental Amiga 1200's from 1997. Join him as he scans through the hard drive and finds...

Retro Recipes “So You Bought a Commodore 64?”

Perifractic has a released a new episode of his Retro Recipes show all about buying a C64 in 2019. This episode contains a heaping...