Tenebra 2

Tenebra 2 Released

Similar to its prequel, Tenebra 2 is an atmospheric puzzle game with rogue-like elements. Guide the hapless protagonist to the exit, but also keep...

Luigi Di Fraia Software Updates

Luigi Di Fraia has released updates for several of his popular software packages over the last couple of days. C64 Raster Effect Editor v1.4.1 ...
Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!!

Hello and Happy Halloween. I just wanted to thank everyone for stopping by and wish you a happy holiday and a good time tonight...

CRG – Amiga 1200 Dead Floppy Repair

In this video, CRG looks at an Amiga 1200 that he has previously worked on. The owner has reached out again to ask if...

GadgetUK164 – Commodore C64 Keyboard Repair

In this episode, GadgetUK164 restores a Commodore 64 keyboard and also discusses a number of things related to the C64 keyboard and its interface.

Jan Beta – Amiga 1200 TF1260 Accelerator Installation

In this video, Jan Beta upgrades his Amiga 1200 with a Terrible Fire 1260 Motorola 68060 accelerator card. Terrible Fire 1260 Open File Downloads...

Arctic Retro – Commodore Amiga 600 HD Restoration

In this video, Arctic Retro tries to restore his recently acquired Amiga 600 HD machine. It has leaky caps and was in dire need...




CE Restoration – Fixing A Fried Commodore Amiga 4000 Part 1

In this episode a special repair for one of Chris's subscribers. This Amiga 4000 has leaky caps and a melted FPU/CPU. Come along on...

RetroChannel – 1541 Disk Drive Repair

In this episode, TheRetroChannel repairs a broken "for parts" 1541 disk drive purchased from eBay.

GadgetUK164 – GottaGoFaZt3r 256MB RAM Zorro 3 Card For Amiga

In this episode GadgetUK164 builds and tests a 256MB Amiga RAM board from LIV2 (Matt Harlum). Fore more information on the GottaGoFaZt3r Fast Ram...
AmiWest 2022

AmiWest 2022 Videos

Last weekend was the 2022 version of the AmiWest show. This was their 25th event and I've compiled some videos from the show for...

Build Your Own Commodore 1581

If you weren't around back in 1987 to pick up a 1581 drive off the shelf then you probably know just how hard and...