The 8-Bit Guy Reviews A Rare Commodore 65 Prototype

In his latest episode, The 8-Bit Guy demos a very very rare Commodore 65 prototype.

CRG – Fixing A Shorted Amiga 1200

CRG tackles the challenge of reviving an Amiga 1200 motherboard plagued by a stubborn short circuit between VCC and GND.

8-Bit Show & Tell: What’s Wrong With Load”*”,8,1 or LOAD”*”,1 On C64

Robin's penchant for precision is triggered by inaccurate Commodore 64 LOAD statements on t-shirts and documentary trailers. He dissects these errors, delving into why...

How To Add An Internal SD2IEC for the Commodore 64

This SD2IEC, which can be installed internally in the C64, taps the operating voltage and data signals via the supplied adapter board on the...

Turning An Amiga 600 Into A Classic Gaming Console! – Part 1: The Mods

In this video series, Wolfgang starts to transform an Amiga 600 board into a cool retro 4-player gaming console. Enjoy!

Syntax 2023 Graphics Party

New graphics releases from C64 Party at Syntax 2023. you can find the graphics for this edition HERE. Syntax is a small computer arts festival...

Sayaka Modifiys The Commodore MAX

In this video, Eleonora Sayaka of Sayaka's Digital Attic performs a modification to a Commodore MAX that she purchased several years ago in Japan....

The 10 Best C64 Protovision Games According To Old Style Gaming

OSG is back with another video, and this time, he's counting down the top 10 Protovision games in order of greatness. Protovision was founded in...




CRG: Lets Build An Amiga Network Adapter

CRG has been an Amiga owner for 30 years but has never connected it to the internet. He found a Zorro II on GitLab...

Making C64 Cartridges With The TS80P Smart Soldering Iron

8Bit Retro ReFix will be crafting C64 Cartridges using the TS80P Smart Soldering Iron from PCBWay this week. He reports assembling this cartridge was...

Commander X16 Audio Demos

In his latest channel update, Voidstar demonstrates two Commander X16 audio players ZSM and MIDI audio player Melodius, and a multi-channel FM + PSG...

WheatenClient36 Play Tests Mine Rescue On The Commander X16

Youtuber WheatenClient36 demonstrates Mine Rescue by Johan Kårlin for the Commander X16. From what I can see the game looks like a sequel to...

The Commander X16 Is Available To Pre-Order For February 2024 Release

Finally, the day has come. You can now pre-order your own Commander X16. Shipping will start on February 29th, 2024. Per the TexElec site, payment...