Bread Box – Turrican Hidden Easter Egg

Turrican is a 1990 video game designed and programmed by Manfred Trenz. It was produced for the Commodore 64 by Rainbow Arts, and was ported to other systems later. In this...

Retro Recipes – Commodore 64 Program Stored On A Postage Stamp?

In this episode of Perifractic's Retro Recipes they investigate the old wives tale of a UK Royal Mail stamp that contaings a supposedly dangerous...

The LEEC – Pi1541 on Pi Zero With 1581 (D81) Support

In this episode presented by The LEEC they have put out a short video showing how to get started with 1581 emulation for D81...

CityXen Performs Ultimate64 Firmware v1.28 Plus Software Modem Layer

In this episode CityXen walks everyone through the firmware upgrading process of a Ultimate 64 / Ultimate 64 Elite board by Gideon's Logic. CityXen...

10MARC – 8-Bit & Amiga Games For Your Commodore Quarantine

In this edition of the 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast Doug covers some games, most released this year or last year that will be...
Ultimate 64 Elite

Gideon’s Logic Ultimate 64 and Ultimate 64 Elite Firmware Update

Firmware for the U64 / U64E, version 1.28 - Dated: 2020-03-29 Click here to download Added features since 1.24: Debug stream over Ethernet, which logs CPU...
PI1541 IO Adapter

Shareware Plus Pi1541 HAT with OLED Updated

Now updated. The Pi1541 is a real-time, cycle exact, Commodore 1541 disk drive emulator that can run on the Raspberry Pi 3B, 3B+ and 3A+. Simply...
IEC64 IEEE-488 Interface Board

Shareware Plus Commodore 64 IEC64 IEEE-488 Interface Board

Commodore 64 IEC64 IEEE-488 Interface Board (IEC64W) We are very pleased to finally add this to our range of Commodore products. Have a look at the...