C64 Customs Controlling A SIDFX with a Keyman64

Daniel continues his SIDFX series with a new podcast video of wiring and programing the SIDFX to work with the Keyman64.

C64 Customs Replaces a SIDFX with a FPGASID

Daniel is on a role with a second video this week. In this edition Daniel has decided to upgrade his gaming C64 and swap...

Jan Beta Repairs a Donated C64

In the latest episode of Jan Beta's podcast he's received a donated C64 that needs some repairs.
BackBit Banner

BackBit SD Cartidge for the C64

BackBit is a cartridge under development by and Evie Salomon. The cartridge uses an SD card that you add and off you go....

C64 Customs Troubleshoots A C64 Reloaded Mk1

In this edition of his podcast Daniel troubleshoots a C64 Reloaded Mk1 that's only showing a black screen.
RGCD Collage

Four New Game Cartridges On The Way From RetroGamerCD

RetroGamerCD has recently announced they will be bringing 4 new C64 cartridge games out. It should be noted that not all the games are...

RGB64 Enables RGB Screen For 64 Mode On The C128

RGB64 is a solution for a problem almost no one has, using the C128 RGBI screen for C64 mode text programs and editing in...

Jan Beta Follows Up on 2018 Amiga 500 Series of Videos

Jan's latest video is a follow-up and ending to a series of videos on an Amiga 500 restoration he started back in late 2018...