CRG – Amiga 1200 Dead Floppy Repair

In this video, CRG looks at an Amiga 1200 that he has previously worked on. The owner has reached out again to ask if...

Jan Beta – Amiga 1200 TF1260 Accelerator Installation

In this video, Jan Beta upgrades his Amiga 1200 with a Terrible Fire 1260 Motorola 68060 accelerator card. Terrible Fire 1260 Open File Downloads...

Arctic Retro – Commodore Amiga 600 HD Restoration

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CE Restoration – Fixing A Fried Commodore Amiga 4000 Part 1

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GadgetUK164 – GottaGoFaZt3r 256MB RAM Zorro 3 Card For Amiga

In this episode GadgetUK164 builds and tests a 256MB Amiga RAM board from LIV2 (Matt Harlum). Fore more information on the GottaGoFaZt3r Fast Ram...

Amiga Repairathon (10 x A500, A500+ boards PLUS A600) Part I

In this video, Wolfgang has received a box of Amiga Boards he purchased on eBay that he intends to repair. The content includes 8...

Jan Beta – Checkmate 1500 Plus Amiga Desktop Case Review

In this episode, Jan Beta opens and reviews a Checkmate 1500 Plus case and then converts a standard Amiga 500 to an expandable desktop...

RMC TheCave – Commodore Amiga 1000 Trash To Treasure Part 3

The Commodore Amiga 1000 restoration concludes in this episode as RMC completes the rebuild and historically we approach the end of the machine's lifetime....