Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Arctic Retro: Amiga 1200 Trash To Treasure – Part 1

This beaten-up Commodore Amiga 1200 computer may be down, but it's not out! In this series, Arctic Retro is doing an in-depth restoration and...

Chris Edwards: Amiga 1200 – Pistorm32 Lite Installation

Chris Edwards installs the PiStorm32 Lite from Amigakit.com into his Amiga 1200. The PiStorm32 Lite is the latest version of the popular PiStorm range of accelerators,...

8-Bit Resurgence Shows Off His Retro Computer Wall

This video covers details on how 8-Bit Resurgence decided to store and present his retro computer collection which includes the Commodore, Amiga, Atari, Atari...

CRG – Amiga 500+ Black Screen

CRG starts off the video with the intention of trying to repair a faulty Agnus however he decides it's the "man amongst the crowd...

GadgetUK164 – Amiga A3630 CPU Repair

In this episode, GadgetUK164 performs a repair to an A3630 CPU card from Stefan Skotte.

CRG – Building a NEW Amiga 2000 in 2022 – Part 2

From CRG: Back with the Amiga 2000 EATX build this week to finish off the board, it needs its all the slots fitted and its...

CRG – Building a NEW Amiga 2000 in 2022 – Part 1

From CGG: Why buy a big box Amiga when we can make one... If there's one thing that's been missing from my collection its a big...

CRG – Amiga 1200 Recapping

In CRG's latest video he notices that more than the floppy drive needs to be fixed in his Amiga 1200. The A1200 needs a...