Nu-Brick 64 v2

The New Nu-Brick 64 Power Supply

It's been several years since Kevin launched the original Nu-Brick 64 Power Supply and now he's back with an updated version. The first thing you...

Jan Beta – How To Build Your Own Arduino DRAM Tester

In his latest video, Jan Beta teaches everyone how to build an Arduino DRAM Tester with leftover components. Check it out.

8-Bit Resurgence – Commodore 1581 Drive Board For The Masses Not The Classes

8-Bit Resurgence has created an enhanced 1581 drive board that he's making available to everyone who would like to manufacture the board. Per the...

Mark Fixes Stuff Performs Lumafix64 Jailbar Fix For The Commodore 64

In the latest episode of Mark Fixes Stuff he does a Build, Install and Adjusting of the Lumafix64 Jailbar fix for the Commodore 64.

Design For Manufacturing and PCB Construction With Bil Herd and Ben Jordan

In this episode of Bil Herd's vlog he’s joined by Ben Jordan as they discuss Design for Manufacturing and PCB construction.

Jan Beta Upgrades His SixtyClone C64

In this episode Jan Beta tests and updates various components on his SixtyClone C64 build from 2020. Upgrades include the SaRuMan-64 static RAM, a...

8-Bit Resurgence – How To Build Your Own VG Datashack 21 Second Backup Cable

In this episode of 8-Bit Resurgence we're shown how to create our own 21 Second Backup cable. Per their notes: If you can even find...

Adrian’s Digital Basement Guide To Using Inexpensive Tools To Diagnose And Fix Old Computers

In this episode Adrian demonstrate troubleshooting and fixing a C64 with only inexpensive tools. No $3000 oscilloscope, $350 desoldering iron or fancy multimeter. Just...