MEGA65 DevKit

MEGA65 Announces Developer Support Program

MEGA65 has formally introduced its MEGA65 Developer Support Program. In order to help people with and without an official DevKit  who want to develop...

Nostalgia Nerd – Building The MEGA65 DevKit

In this episode of Nostalgia Nerd they have received a MEGA65 DevKit from and about assembling the device and then reviewing it. What's...

Jan Beta – Building A New Commodore 64 in 2020

Based on one of the now available replica PCBs, Jan sets out to build his own 2020 version of the Commodore 64 with as...

BastichB 64K – Top 10 C64 Games Released In 2020

In this episode BastichB reveals his favorite Commodore 64 games of 2020. Games featured in no particular order. Lord of Dragonspire, Isle of the Cursed...

More Than 20,000 Games To Be Tested On The MEGA65

From the notes: So many games so little time! While we continue work on the MEGA65 computer, here is a journey through the universe of...
Freaky Fish DX

Freaky Fish DX Released

Freaky Fish was originally the Design/Chaos Pty entry for the 2018 Reset64 4K Craptastic Competition. The initial concept was a cross between Bubble Bobble...

Ferengi Fridays – 42 Pounds Of Misc Commodore Auction Goodness

Hey Birt! is kicking of a new weekly concept called ‘Ferengi Fridays’ where he takes us on a brief look at new stuff that...
BackBit Banner

Here’s The Latest BackBit News

Evie has been keeping busy updating the BackBit cartridge features and is working on some new hardware as well. First off the latest BackBit firmware...