BastichB64K – Zaxxon & The C64

A look back at the Sega Arcade games Zaxxon and Super Zaxxon + the 4 Commodore 64 versions and the history behind them.

Hey Birt! – Truth About Retrobrite – Busting The Myths With Science

In this edition of the Hey Birt! vlog they break down and discuss the myths and controversy caused by the retrobrighting process, with science....

MEGA64 Podcast – MEGA65 DevKit: SID (1 out of 4) In Action

The MEGA65 comes with 4 integrated FPGA SID chips. In this episode of the MEGA65 Podcast is a demonstration of how each of them...

C64 Customs – MIDI Cartridges With The Ultimate64

Inspired by a comment to an older video on his channel Daniel Renner aka C64 Customs,  does a deep dive and tests Datel Midi...
FREEZE64 Magazine Issue 46

FREEZE64 Magazine Issue 46 Now Available

Here’s what’s in FREEZE64 issue 46: COVER FEATURE: BOUNCING HEADS (Zeppelin Games) At FREEZE64, we’re all for the weird and wonderful, and love exploring the lesser-known...

Adrian Black – ClearVideo 128: A Fix For C128 Jail Bars?

The C128 is known for having video with visible vertical lines in its video output. These are known as jail bars. The ClearVideo 128...
Magic Cartridge Generator

Magic Cartridge Generator 2021

Magic Cartridge Generator is continuation of older version of Magic Desk Cartridge Generator. The name was changed because of adding support for Commodore 264 series...

LukHash – Synthwave/Outrun Song As 8bit Chiptune Played BY SID 8580

Original Track: Perpetual Motion Album: Chiptune Version: Perpetual Motion 8580R5 2887 25 HK Album: Credits: Player: Retrodebugger by Slajerek Tracker: SID Wizard 1.8 Chip: SID 8580R5 2887 25 (Hong...

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