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Thursday, April 18, 2019
IECHost Client v3.5

IECHost GUI Client v3.5 Released

Version 3.5 of the IECHost GUI client is now available via Luigi Di Fraia's Software page.  

New 8-Bit Symphony Trailer

The upcoming 8-Bit Symphony has a new trailer out for your enjoyment. 8-Bit Symphony is the amazing 8-Bit experience at Hull City Hall on 15th...

Comparing New Diagnostic and Dead Test Cartridges

C64 Customs tests out a new diagnotic harness against his current Check64 diagnostic and dead test cartridge.
MEGAphone Prototype

MEGAphone Prototype Assembly

Paul Gardner-Stephen, head developer of the MEGA65 also has a side project called the MEGAphone. This project, announced in Dec of 2018, has started...
Age Of Heros Box

The Age Of Heros Released

Psytronik Software, makers of last years Rocky Memphis - The Legend of Atlantis, has just released it's newest title 'The Age of Heros'. Per...

Troubleshooting Commodore 64 RAM via the Piggybacking Method

iz8dwf has another new video troubleshooting a RAM problem on a C64. I haven't seen this method before an interesting process but not perfect...
Eye of the Beholder C64

C64 Eye of the Beholder Conversion Update

Andreas Larsson has been making some progress on his Commodore 64 conversion of the classic SSI Dungeons & Dragons black box game Eye of...

Jan Beta ALDI C64 Blank Screen Repair Part 1

Jan Beta is working to repair a ALDI branded C64 with a blank screen issue. This is part 1 in a series.