Van Pelt and Giga-CAD+ for the C64

In this video Roger Van Pelt, vice-president of the Fresno Commodore User Group, presents arguably the best C64 CAD program, Giga-CAD+ for the Commodore...

BMC64 v2.3 Update

Randy Rossi has published a small update to the BMC64 emulators today. The new v2.3 update includes the following: Add virtual keyboard Added vertical/horizontal...

How To Clean Commodore Floppy Drive Heads

Steve from Steve's Retro Gaming gives a quick and dirty video on how to clean the drive heads in a 1541, 1541-II and 1571...

Pixelwizard Retro Shop on Vacation

Just a heads up, if you're planning to order a retro C64C case, keyboard mounts or 3D printed parts from Pixelwizards shop you're going...
C256 Foenix MFX

C256 Foenix August Update

From the August 2019 Newsletter Bring Up, Code Migration and Testing... At this point, one board has been assembled, already some issues have been found. Some...

VCF West 2019: Bil Heard, ICs and Aging

Bil Herd discusses the effects of heat and aging on ICs during his time on the stage at the Vintage Computer Festival West.
IDE64 new 2019

IDE64 V4.2 Available Again

Josef over at the IDE64 News is reporting that the IDE64 v4.2 is avaiable again. Whatever issues they were having with the cartridge casing...

FPGASID in Stock

Andreas Beermann (andi6510) has announced that the FPGASID is back in stock and available for order on his site In addition Andreas as also...