Retrobits Preview Of ‘Eye of the Beholder’ For C64

Today the Retrobits Youtube channel has released an in-depth preview of the highly anticipated port of SSI's Eye of the Beholder for the C64...
The Empire Strikes Back

The Empire Strikes Back Arrives On The C64

In 1982 a popular board game company called Parker Brothers decided to toss their hat into the Atari 2600 video game pool. The company...
Bezerk Collage

Berzerk 2022 For The C64 (PAL)

There's a new C64 release of the Stern Electronics arcade classic Berzerk from Arlasoft and I think it's a pretty good conversion. The mazes...

BastichB – Ultima & The Commodore 64

BastichB 64K takes a look back at all 6 installments of the Ultima RPG franchise on the Commodore 64 plus the origins of the...
Don't Break The Balls C64 Edition

Don’t Break The Balls For The C64 Released

Today is release day for Don’t Break The Balls by Double Sided Games. If you pre-ordered, go to your account in order to get the digital...

BastichB64K – Zaxxon & The C64

A look back at the Sega Arcade games Zaxxon and Super Zaxxon + the 4 Commodore 64 versions and the history behind them.

BastichB 64K – Pac-Man & The Commodore 64

BastichB 64K takes a look back at all 6 Pac-man games released on the C64 from 1983-1988 + a look at the arcade coin-op's...

BastichB 64K – System 3 Documentary (1982-1991 / The C64 Years)

BastichB 64K has released a video game maker System 3. This video covers their period of developing games for the Commodore 64 from 1982...