Eye Of The Beholder C64 Beta Test

Andreas Larsson has debuted a beta test video of his Commodore 64 conversion of Eye of the Beholder. Check it out!

BastichB 64K – Top 10 C64 Games Released In 2020

In this episode BastichB reveals his favorite Commodore 64 games of 2020. Games featured in no particular order. Lord of Dragonspire, Isle of the Cursed...

More Than 20,000 Games To Be Tested On The MEGA65

From the notes: So many games so little time! While we continue work on the MEGA65 computer, here is a journey through the universe of...
Freaky Fish DX

Freaky Fish DX Released

Freaky Fish was originally the Design/Chaos Pty entry for the 2018 Reset64 4K Craptastic Competition. The initial concept was a cross between Bubble Bobble...

Rapid Fire – Defender of the Crown Commodore 64 Review

BastichB 64K reviews "Defender of the Crown" for the Commodore 64 which was released in 1987 by Cinemaware.
Demo's Isle Dungeon View

CRPG-Dev Continues Work On Demon’s Isle And The Citadel

CRPG-Dev has a new blog update regarding progress on his Ultima style throwback CRPG called Demon's Isle and 3D RPG, think The Bards Tale,...

BastichB 64K: Byte Sized Retro #4 : Featuring 40 Commodore 64 Games

BastichB 64K has made a massive compilation featuring 40 more Commodore 64 games new and old.

Carl-Henrik Skårstedt New C64 Game In Development

Carl-Henrik Skårstedt, of Space Orbs fame, has a new C64 game in development. In the attached video he's showing off the world map of...

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