MSSIAH Products Out Of Stock

MSSIAH has posted the following message on their website. We are currently having delays outside our control which unfortunately leads to a postponed release of...

LukHash Announces Label Signing And Releases New Single

Lukhash, the popular C64 synth composer and creator of the Lukhash Essentials Cartridge LukHash has two new accouncements. First he has signed with the...
FM-YAM: FM Sound Expander

FM-YAM: FM Sound Expander Now Available At Protovision

XeNTaX, the developer of the FM-YAM: FM Sound Expander cartridge, is now selling their popular cartridge directly via Protovisions online store. Here's the feature...

AMIGA VS RETRO PC In Game Music Comparison

Youtuber RETROCENGO does a side by side comparison of in game music played on both an Amiga 500 and a Retro PC of the...

Espen Kraft Makes Some Music With The Commodore 64

"The Commodore 64 with its famous SID-chip really blew everyone away when it was introduced back in 1982. It could play 3 different sounds...

LukHash – C64 REMIX of Last Ninja 2, Central Park In Game Theme (1988)

LukHash has a new C64 remix out from Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance. The song is the 'Central Park in-game theme' composed...

MrCaliforniaD – C64 Music Maker Deluxe Improvised Jam

From the video notes: This is my friend Jay-Boi playing with the Music Maker Deluxe in a very basic but effective musical setup. The Commodore controller...

MrCaliforniaD – C64 Music Maker Deluxe Part 2 of 2

In this second and last part of this series, MrCaliforniaD explains in detail how he made this keyboard out of a dead Commodore 8-bit...

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