Kevin Ottum the creator of the Nu-Brick 64 Power Supply has reported that a new batch is available. The price is $60 plus $15.65 shipping in the US.

Here’s  the specs:

Compatible with all versions of the C64 and 64C
120v US Model
5vdc @ 3A
9vac @ 1A
Externally fused & fused on 9vac output
5v supply is overvoltage and short-circuit protected.
REPAIRABLE! Components can be easily removed and replaced if needed. However, between my original Re-Brick and the Nu-Brick, we’ve never had a failure so far, and that’s nearly 100 units out there.
Commodore 128 compatible, with an additional $15 adapter.

To order one go to Kevin’s FB page and send him a personal message.

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