8-Bit Guy Upgrades C64 With The New Evolution64 Mainboard


The 8-Bit Guy upgrades a C64 breadbin with the new EVO64 (Evolution64) mainboard. The EVO64 is a modern C64 replica mainboard built with modern parts, however, it is missing the chips which you will need to transfer from your C64.

Here’s what the EVO64 has:

  • Dual SID slots
  • The QAPLA custom-developed PLA
  • ClearVideo64c without jail bars
  • I/O Ports save from static discharge
  • Modern VCO which eliminates the legacy MOS 8701 chip and enables easy toggling between NTSC and PAL.

Optionally you can add the following:

  • The NuTube64 Audio Preamp module which is based on the Korge NuTube 6P1
  • Triode64 Audio Preamp module with the warmth and character of real tubes.

What’s this going to set you back? To much. The mainboard alone is $285 USD and the additional required parts run another $55 USD and a power brick for $25 more. Then the audio add-ons will cost you either $500 USD for the NuTube64 and or $1000 for the Triode64.

In closing, no frick’n way. It looks cool, but they’ve priced themselves out of the market before they’ve even arrived. I’ll stick with my Ultimate 64 Elite.