8-Bit Resurgence: ASMR Commodore Excelerator Plus Prototype Tracker Testing


The MasterTracker Excelerator Plus Prototype is a DTD (Digital Track Display) tracker that was developed alongside the original MasterTracker for the Commodore 1541 floppy disk drive. It is specifically designed to function the same as the Commodore MasterTracker, featuring similar capabilities and functionality.

As a prototype, it may have been created to test and demonstrate the feasibility of the design or to explore potential improvements or variations. Like the MasterTracker, the Excelerator Plus Prototype is likely to include features such as the digital track display, density level display, drive reset button, illuminated logo, rolling light bars on the write signal, audio circuit, drive ID changer, drive ROM changer, and other components mentioned in the description of the MasterTracker.

Since it is a prototype, there might be differences or experimental aspects compared to the final version, and it may not have been released as a fully finished product. If you have specific questions or if there are particular aspects of the MasterTracker Excelerator Plus Prototype you would like more information about, feel free to provide additional details.

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