8-Bit Resurgence: Commodore MasterTracker – The Ultimate 1541 Visual Upgrade!


The Commodore MasterTracker by 8-Bit Resurgence is a 1541 visual drive enhancement built into the Commodore 1541 disk drive. It features a digital track display (DTD) that is a step counting circuit design capable of counting whole and half tracks. Unlike some other trackers, the MasterTracker’s circuit cannot be defeated by software or acceleration/speed enhancements applied to the 1541 drive.

Here are some key features of the MasterTracker:

  1. Digital Track Display (DTD): Provides accurate display of head movement and positional information as fast as the drive head can move, with no delay or lag. The design schematics for DTD were provided by Wes256.
  2. Density Level Display (DLD): Another feature related to track density level display, with design schematics provided by Wes256.
  3. Drive Reset Button: Included in the design by DDI.
  4. Illuminated Left-side Logo: Designed by DDI.
  5. Rolling Light Bars on Write Signal: Originally designed by DDI and functionally revised by Wes256.
  6. Audio Soundtrack/Sync Mark Audio Circuit: Designed by Wes256.
  7. Digital Track Display Sync: Provided by Wes256.
  8. Drive ID Changer, Display, and Button to Cycle: Designed by DDI.
  9. Drive ROM Changer, Multicolor Display, and Button to Cycle: Also designed by DDI.
  10. 1541 Illuminated Write Protect Indicator: Created by DDI.
  11. Optional Step LED: Can be used in place of the stock power LED, designed by DDI.

The MasterTracker is a collaborative project involving three individuals from the Commodore community: Wes256, DDI, and COREi64. The project is not open source but follows a “Build it Yourself” model, where users can purchase the board set from COREi64.com and then order the required parts based on the provided Bill of Materials (BOM) lists.

It’s important to note that the track display and density display circuits are protected by US Copyright law, and the MasterTracker device and project are owned by COREi64, designed in collaboration with Wes256 and DDI. The MasterTracker project is still in development, and its appearance and function may evolve until it is announced as complete.

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