8-Bit Symphony Pro Available


Exclusive to C64Audio.com, get the full 127 minutes at http://c64audio.com/8bspro for immediate download!

The Czech Studio Orchestra conducted by Robin Tait play some of the most iconic and epic 8-bit microcomputer tunes ever.

Everyone who loves 8-bit microcomputers, video game music or film soundtracks needs this in their life. Tingles all round!

Track listing:

Disk 1:
01. Firelord
02. Forbidden Forest and Beyond
03. Kentilla
04. Spellbound
05. Knight Tyme (ZX Spectrum exclusive)
06. Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins (C64 tune, not arcade tune)
07. Imagine Ocean (Comic Bakery, Ocean Loader, Rambo)
08. Green Beret (loader and title)
09. William Wobbler
10. Stifflip and Co.

Disk 2:
01. Aztec Challenge
02. International Karate Suite
03. Last Ninja® Wastelands
04. WAR
05. Flash Gordon
06. Trap
07. Zoids
08. Barbarillax
09. Monty on the Run
10. Monty’s Journey (Monty on the Run High Score/Commando High Score)

8-Bit Symphony Pro conducted by Robin Tait

Performed by the Czech Studio Orchestra led by Radek Krizanovsky
Recordings produced at Smecky Studios by Vitek Kral and Mikel Toms
Orchestra Managed and led by Radek Krizanovsky
Violin Solos by Radek Krizanovsky
Recorder solo in “Wastelands” by Mira Thiruchelvam

Produced by Rob Hubbard, Chris Abbott and Alisdair J. Pickering
Assisted by Damian Manning, Russell F. Howard
Executive Producing by Kenneth “Slaygon” Mutka
Score and parts preparation by Robin Tait
Editing by Allister Brimble and Chris Abbott
Mixed by Allister Brimble, Rob Hubbard, and Chris Abbott
Mastering by Allister Brimble
Music Preparation by Robin Tait
Composing by Rob Hubbard, Ben Daglish, Martin Galway, Paul Norman, Richard Joseph and Mark Cooksey
Orchestration by Alisdair J. Pickering, Rob Hubbard and Robin Tait
Mixed at Master Chord Studio

Front cover by Steve Green
Photography by Lorraine Ayrton
Filming by Elerby Studios (forthcoming Blu-ray-tastic!)
Booklet by Chris Abbott and Damian Manning
Booklet illustrations by Steph Abbott
Scores and logistics by NorthWolds Print Works
PR by Anna Black

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