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The Oasis BBS has been serving up your BBS experience since 1985.

Roy aka Desert-Fox


IT/PC Guy, Idea man, Creator/Sysop of The Oasis BBS, Founder of BGB 'The Blue Gill Brewery' and Master Brewer of my Garage :), C64/Color64 Preservationist, Friend of Dogs, Fan of Music Trivia, Gamer (strategy and action), Fisherman, Backyard Astronomer and proud Veteran.

Joe aka Havok


Tech Junkie, Pit Bull Rescuer & Advocate, Photography, Videography, Pizza Connoisseur, Brewer of Beer, Lover of Music, Gardener, Sometime Traveler, Surf Fishing, Strategy War Gamer, Veteran.

About The Oasis BBS

The Oasis BBS is a Commodore 64 BBS run from 1985 to 1990. At the time it was on the bleeding edge of Commodore technology running the Color 64 BBS software along with a 2400 baud connection and 80 megabytes of storage via the Lt Kernal hard drive platform. After 28 years we're back online and available as a Telnet BBS. In addition the site has grown to include a website and social media. Welcome 'Back' to the Cool Pool!