Luigi Di Fraia has released a new beta of the ALBERT software on his website.

This update, v1.0.49 has introduced the following changes:

  • The Lua function¬†drawclear()¬†now creates a checkpoint only if it makes changes to the canvas
  • Added the image adjustment functionality when importing PNG images
  • The project is not reset any longer when a PNG image is imported

The palette conversion method that is used will depend on the current palette that is active. For example, if the palette is set to the default Commodore 64 palette, then the nearest match method will be used. However, if the palette is set to a custom palette, then the error diffusion or ordered dithering method may be used.

The natural (Euclidean) distance is no longer used for color matching. Instead, a weighted alternative is used. This alternative is designed to produce results that are more in line with expectations based on the luminance value of Commodore 64 palette colors.

Finally, a curves adjustment widget has been added. This widget can be used to adjust each color channel separately or all of them at the same time. This can be useful for fine-tuning the appearance of the converted image.

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