New this summer from DIY Chris is the Amiga 500 IDE Controller Module. This module provides your Motorola 68K with 8MB of Fast RAM while simultaneously allowing you to add a hard drive so that you can install and boot from WorkBench. It also adds a fully functional battery backed real-time clock.

Per DIY Chris “By default all options are included and when you receive your module you’ll be able to utilize the full functionality. If you don’t need / want the RTC or the Fast RAM then you can simply remove those options and we’ll build the module without the those components. The firmware will still support the added functionality and you’ll be able to add the remaining components at a later time if you choose.”


  • IDE Controller – Mini IDE to support compact flash and SD to IDE adapters
  • 8MB Fast RAM
  • Battery Backed RTC (Real Time Clock)
  • Compact All-in-One design (No CPU relocator board required)
  • 4 Layer Board
  • Hand Solderable 1206 component sizes
  • Support for ATF1508 / ATF1504 TQFP100 CPLD’s
  • Tag Connect JTAG for easy Firmware loading

Some things to note:

  • To boot via IDE, you’ll need to either patch your Kickstart ROM or use a Kickstart ROM that has the required SCSI drivers such as Kickstart 3.1
  • 2 points at the expansion port will need to be soldered /OVR and /INT2. Documentation is available below
  • Due to the limited I/O on the ATF1504, CFGIN / CFGOUT is not implemented
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