Hey, they reached Issue 30—can you believe it? What’s also 30? That’s right—Commodore’s final hurrah, the Amiga 4000T. Join them as they take an alternative look at the influence of this unique Amiga across the pond.

Also in this issue:

  • Amiga exclusive game Roguecraft gets a review from our games editor, James
  • Paul takes a look at some of the best games released 30 years ago, in 1994
  • Creative Revolution looks at the art of compositing with ImageFX
  • Our favorite scener h0ffman is giving us a special look at how his demogroup won Revision
  • Gold Standard is getting ready for the big summer footie tournament with a look at On The Ball
  • Our players guide for classic The Settlers will get you colonizing better than ever
  • We look at the new book The Flame Wars
  • All your other regular features and much more!
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