Amiga PCI


The AmigaPCI is an OCS/ECS Amiga computer in the ATX form factor. It provides a flexible CPU Local Bus port, five AUTOCONFIG PCI slots for expansion purposes such as video and sound, an on-board dual port ATA controller, and offers performance improvements over legacy Amiga designs.


  • CPU Local Bus supports multiple CPU and fast RAM options
  • Five AUTOCONFIG PCI 5V/Univeral slots
  • PCI DMA allowing access to all Amiga and PCI address spaces
  • HID mouse and keyboard inputs
  • Dual port IDE interface supporting up to 4 total devices
  • Agnus 8372A or 8375 selectable by jumper
  • 2MB “Fast Chip” RAM available regardless of Agnus revision
  • Fast CIA cycles
  • Amiga Video Slot
  • Floppy disk interface supports Amiga and PC drives in DD mode

Project Status



This is an active project and is currently in the prototype stage. Specifications are subject to change. See Milestones and progress for current status. Because this project is in the prototype stage, it is not recommended for general use at this time. There will be errors that adversely affect performance and the logic equations are not complete. If you choose to build this before the final release, you accept all costs and risks associated with the decision.

For the technically minded, I would appreciate a review of the AmigaPCI Hardware Reference and AmigaPCI PCI Hardware Developer Reference references.

I am not seeking hardware enhancement requests at this time, but feel free to post these in the issues section. Discussions can be found at Discord:

About the AmigaPCI Project


This is a hobby project. To me, the Amiga has a personality that PCs of any era cannot hope to replicate. I got my first Amiga, an A500, in 1992. In 1995, despite Commodore having gone out of business, I upgraded to a used A2000 with a GVP 030/SCSI card and flicker fixer. Even at this time we had a few Amiga shops hanging on. Around 1998 I relented and built a PC. The writing was on the wall for the Amiga and it was time to move on. The Amigas went into the closet, rarely to see the light. Sadly, like so many, I ended up selling my original machines. The purpose of my Amiga projects are to learn and hopefully share something of value with fellow Amigans by providing options for machines using modern components, whenever possible. This gave rise to the A2000 EATX, the N2630, and now, the AmigaPCI.

For more information check out the Amiga PCI Project Page.

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