has announced that they have the iRIXLABS Classic 520 Amiga 500 Accelerator in stock. They’re popular so get one while they’re available.


A successor of the beloved HC508. Compact design with all the great features found in HC508, with a faster, 32 bit CPU and an SD card with hot swap capability. The accelerator card is compatible with Amiga 500 and Amiga 1000.

Key features:

  • 68EC020 CPU running at 28 MHz (~10x A500 speed)
  • 40 pin IDE connector for HDD, CD ROM etc.
  • Integrated CF card connector (bootable)
  • Integrated SD card connector (FAT 16 / FAT32 compatibility for fast data exchange, hot swap)
  • 8 MB Fast RAM
  • 512k FlashROM for Kickstart image
  • Bootmenu for controlling the system functions
  • Amiga 500 and Amiga 1000 compatibility
  • Better WHDLoad compatibility due to 68EC020 and VBR


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