• Fix for 2 MHz mode C128. Since this firmware ARMSID is functional for all modes and types of communication with C128 (even those incompatible with SID documentation).
  • Added to the configuration the possibility to use the EXT IN input (pin 26) as an analog input and connect it to the internal mixer, as on the original chip. You should expect a slight increase in noise background from this input, I recommend using it only when you really need this feature.
  • Also added to the configuration the possibility to change the emulation detection threshold of the 6581/8580 according to the input voltage (pin 28), so called autodetection. Originally this limit is set to 10.5V, what is below indicates 8580 emulation, what is above so 6581. With the new setting, this limit can be about 2V, so you can use logic levels of 5V or even just 3V for switching the emulation type (pin 28 is not used for power supply in ARMSID, only for voltage measurement, no power supply on this pin is required for function).

Check the ARMSID page for the new configuration software and instructions.

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