ARMSID the MOS6581 and MOS8580 Replacement for the C64.


Join Daniel Renner as he reviews the latest SID replacement chip called the ARMSID by Nobomi with a C64 Reloaded board.

Some information about the ARMSID:

  • A new replacement of the MOS6581 and MOS8580 used in the Commodore C64.
  • Real “plug & play” solution. Just insert instead of the original SID into the slot and it’s done.
  • No need to switch the PAL / NTSC version, the circuit uses directly the clock from the computer bus, always synchronous with the C64.
  • It determines (through supply voltages) which chip it replaces and starts the appropriate emulation (it can be changed later in software).
  • It also emulates analog inputs (joysticks, mouse, etc. – POTX and POTY inputs)
  • Analog output is sufficiently buffered, it is not necessary to change anything on the computer board for proper operation.
  • Output sampling frequency is 1/16th bus clock of C64 (approx. 62kHz), real 12bit D/A converter, no pwm.
  • Filters completely transferred to digital form, emulated by float point arithmetic.
  • Significantly lower noise level and less interference from the power supply than the original.
  • Lower power consumption than the original.
  • Firmware update possible inside the C64.

For more information make sure you check out the ARMSID website linked at the bottom.


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