Nobomi has released new firmware for the ARMSID. Also, there’s a new configuration program. Don’t forget to download it.

ARMSID firmware 2.15:

  • Fixed a bug with noise generation in the highest octave (reported for example in Crossroads II and Jumpman).
  • SID type detection with this algorithm returns the actual type setting from the ARMSID configuration.
  • Among other tracks, this allows you to play the last part of Wonderland XIII, at least if the ARMSID is set to emulate MOS6581. Prodigy rulez!
  • Fixed bad music timing in Turrican 2 – The Final Fight (audible in track 2).
  • Added undocumented playback of the “no” waveform, making, for example, the Boing Boom Tschak whistle significantly less (about 20dB down).
  • Modifications in the generation of combined waveforms (not only) for MOS8580 emulation, where they are closer to the original (as close as possible for chips that are themselves different from each other, also dependent on temperature, voltage, and time).