Last May we reported that and Evie Salomon were developing a cartridge that uses an SD card to store and run all of your D64, CRT, PRG, BBS, T64 and POO file types.

The BackBit C64 Bare Cartridge is now available from their newly updated storefront along with any accessories you may need for the card.

The cartridge features:

  • Instant loading from D64, D71, D81, CRT (up to 16K), PRG, P00, T64 and BBT files
  • Disk access supported by KERNAL emulation
  • Up to 4GB of data per program via BBT file format
  • Unlimited firmware upgradeability via USB
  • “Rip & Burn” disks on your 1541
  • Replaceable Real-Time-Clock battery
  • Fully powered by your C64
  • Works on C128 in C64 mode
  • Proven compatibility with most C64 revisions, including SX-64

Optional Accessories:

  • 32 GB Micro SD card w/ adapter
  • Micro USB cable
  • 3D-printed case (coming soon!)
  • Wired Remote (coming soon!)


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