BastichB 64K: Night Mission Pinball Extended C64 Review


Night Mission Pinball Extended, released in 2024, is a remake of the classic game originally launched by subLOGIC in 1982.

The game features a multiball mechanic, allowing players to have four balls on the screen simultaneously. While the original 1MHz C-64 struggles with this demand, significant optimizations have been implemented compared to the original release. Additionally, the game now offers a 2MHz mode in the border area utilizing the $d030 register to enhance speed. Remarkably, even with the standard C64, players can enjoy nearly identical speed with three balls as they would with just one. For owners of a C128 or other CPU speeder leveraging the $d030 register, a smooth 50Hz gameplay experience is attainable, even with four balls on the playfield.

Click Here to Download the game.

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