bbs.ovl Doc

ºbbs.ovl+ 7.20 is an example of the use of some of the spare commands in Color 64 BBS to add optional modules to the system. This sample file has the following functions assigned:

SPARE 3 – Is a multiupload module. This module allows your callers to use the popular multiupload protocol with Color 64 BBS. For obvious reasons, the module does not have provisions for entering an upload description before each file is uploaded. As a result, many SYSOPs are not using the module on their system. The module will look for “ºmultiupld msg” and send it to the uploader (similar to “ºupload msg”) before beginning each upload.

SPARE 6 – Is a BBSLIST module written by Sam Lewit. This nice little module allows your callers to enter their favorite BBS’s information in a master BBS list that all others will be able to see. It is all prompt driven and makes for a very nice addition to any system.

SPARE 7 – Is a trivia game. This game allows up to 9 different categories of questions at any one time and for the winners to earn free download credits. Read “trivia doc” for more information on this module.

SPARE 8 – Is the trivia game’s SYSOP module. This module allows a lower level SYSOP or even a regular level caller to act as the Trivia Sysop, completely running the game. Read “trivia/sysop doc” for more information on this module. You may also want to send the doc file to your Trivia Sysop.

Well this is just an example of how you can add optional modules to your Color 64 BBS system. It is my hopes that as time goes on, everyone will be sharing modules they wrote with everyone else. If you want more information or tips for adding more modules or would like some information on making your own modules, make sure you let me know. I have several text files online my BBS for you to read and there are always lots of ideas in the message base.