[12/24/2022 – 11:30am] The BBS is back up and running. Long story short we did have one drive fail. It’s gone. Fortunately, it was the drive with the downloads on it so the BBS, users, messages, games, etc. are all there and ready to go. We have disabled the file transfer capabilities of the BBS until the bad hardware can be replaced and otherwise functionality has returned to normal. Thanks for your patience.

[12/22/2022 – 9:30am] I just got off the phone with Desert-Fox and it looks like the 2nd of the two Lt. Kernal HDDs has stopped working. This is the drive where all the files are located including all the Color 64 BBS mods and such. The 1st drive, which is the main drive, has the user base, messages, etc. is okay.

Of course, these kinds of events have a way of happening when you already have a full day planned. DF is having a new dishwasher delivered and installed today and he has a couple of other things going on as well this morning.

At this point, the BBS is offline until further notice. I just wanted to let everyone know we’re aware of the issue and hope to have the BBS back ASAP. I’ll update this message as new information becomes available. Thanks for your patience!