[3:14pm] The BBS is back online. BBS Server hardware has been replaced and we’re back in action. Thanks again for your patience today while that was being worked on.

Telnet Address: oasisbbs.hopto.org:6400

[9:22am] I woke up this morning to find a message from DF on my phone from 10:30pm Wednesday evening reporting that the BBS Server hardware is non-responsive. This sounds exactly like the same thing that happened last August. From what we know so far the hard drive is intact, but the laptop that hosts the BBS Server software won’t Post.

DF is working on the equipment now and I have a spare here ready to go if DF says he needs it I’ll run it over to him on my break. I just wanted to let everyone know we’re working on the issue and hope to have the BBS back on the Telnet goodness later today. Thanks for your patience!

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