Black Hole: Classic Space Adventure For The Commodore 64


Black Hole” is a homebrew space shooter game for the Commodore 64, created by Peter Otto. Otto cites the Atari 2600 classic “Solaris” by Doug Neubauer as a primary inspiration, a sentiment I share. Additionally, I notice similarities from Sega’s “Buck Rogers” game and elements reminiscent of the classic BBS game “Trade Wars 2002.”

In Black Hole, your objective is to escape the star system by using the black hole as a wormhole. To do this, you must collect a gravity shield, which is hidden on one of the enemy planets. Rescue as many astronauts as possible from the enemy planets to earn points needed to activate the shield. Additionally, destroying enemy battleships and hunts will assist you in your mission.

Click on over to the Black Hole site and download your copy today. It’s free!

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