The developers of BMC64, a C64 Emulator for the Raspberry Pi models 2 & 3, has posted a update to version 1.5 with the following PSA.

IMPORTANT PSA: BMC64 v1.0.6 through v1.4 were not properly putting the other 3 (unused) cores to a low powered mode and was causing CPU temperatures to rise close to or beyond automatic throttling limits. I’m very sorry about this. I don’t believe this pushed the devices beyond their limits, it was just a waste of heat. The Pi will automatically throttle itself if CPU temperature goes beyond a certain limit. If you saw thermometer icons in the top right corner of your screen, this is probably why. V1.5+ fixes this.

If you are using an older version, I strongly recommend you update to v1.5

BMC64 is a bare metal C64 Emulator (using VICE) for the Raspberry Pi (Models 2 & 3). There is no bloated O/S to boot and the emulator has direct access to hardware resulting in better performance than the Linux based distributions. VICE dependencies are satisfied using circle-stdlib.

GitHub Link:


  • Quick boot time: 5 seconds!
  • True 50hz/60hz smooth scrolling (no horizontal tearing or jitters!)
  • Low latency between input and audio/video
  • Excellent audio/video synchronization
  • No need to issue a shutdown sequence, just power off
  • Supports wiring real joysticks via GPIO pins (optional) Click Here for adapter build instructions


1.5 Release

Format a FAT32 SD card and/or partition and unzip onto it. The Pi will boot from the first FAT partition. See below for files you will need to provide yourself.

… or, you can flash an image using (300Mb partition)

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