Randy Rossi’s latest update to the BMC64 project is v3.3. The new update includes the following:


  • Added PET emulator
  • Add DPI support
  • Add 2 more USB gamepads for user port joysticks
  • Renamed menu label ‘Aspect Ratio’ to ‘H Stretch Factor’
  • Plus4Emu filter on PRG files for Load .PRG menu
  • Fixed Composite out due to bootcode.bin/start.elf/fixup.dat files
  • Removed custom HDMI timing from plus4emu until I can fix sound issues
  • Removed incorrect 50.125hz VIC20 mode from machines.txt
  • Menu shows actual fps for mode
  • Virtual keyboard for PET does not work


  • Fixed VIC20 crash on Port 1 menu option change to 1351 Mouse
  • Fix 1551 and 1581 ROMs not loading in plus4emu
  • Added Symbolic and Postional keyboard optionsDefaults to Symbolic which is different from what was released up to now. Named the keymap file incorrectly.
  • Added disabled option to gpio config
  • Moved up to v40 of circle in prep for Pi4
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