Randy Rossi’s latest update to the BMC64 project is v3.4. The new update includes the following:


  • Added Resid Interpolation and Fast Resampling for Pi3
  • Added vertical stretch to better align with real scanlines on CRTs
  • Added saturation to video color menu
  • Added “Look for files in” option: /C64/{dir} or /{dir}/C64
  • Added (cheap) PET scanlines video option
  • Added configurable gpio
  • Fixed IEC mode not working after plus4emu attach/detach
  • Fixed PET color and video settings after boot not applied
  • Fixed bug with files list if /disks dir was missing
  • Fixed DRIVES drive rom discovery issue
  • Fixed PET vertical centering issue
  • Fixed issue with debounce routine on GPIO button functions
  • Removed drive roms from bootstat to not interfere with path lookup
  • Merged Mark Bush’s Userport changes (See README.md on how to activate)
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