Randy Rossi’s latest update to the BMC64 project is v3.5. The new update includes the following:

  • Allow same joystick GPIO mapping on multiple pins with custom GPIO
  • Added ‘Maxi’ keyboard support , new vkm files switchable from menu (Thanks to youtube user ‘ody ody’ for figuring out the keymap file! See README.md for tutorial link and Reddit post.)
  • Fixed CP/M keyboard not responsive regression
  • Fixed duplicate GPIO pins on Config #1 issue
  • Disable VDC video cache causing glitches on some games
  • Added Dual SID support (also made pseudo stereo effect possible)
  • Changed border trim menu options from % to absolute pixel values
  • Added support for negative border values (padding)
  • Added scaling_params to machines.txt for integer scaling when possible
  • Made finding integer scaling options easier from menu
  • Changed PET resolutions to 1080p in default machines.txt
  • Fixed bug with PET screen init after model switch
  • Added menu optionm to turn scaling interpolation off
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