Bo Zimmerman has released the lasted update to his GEO’s Telent client.


geoTelnet is an ansi terminal program for connecting to telnet servers. It is compatible with the following operating systems: GEOS 64 2.0, GEOS 128 2.0, Wheels 64 4.0+, Wheels 128 4.0+, MegaPatch 3.0 64, MegaPatch 3.0 128, gateWay 64, and gateWay 128. It requires a 40 column composite monitor, C64Net WiFi Modem, disk drive, and mouse or joystick. A GEOS compatible ram expansion unit (REU) is optional, but beneficial. Source and binary is here:

Features include:
80 column text output in a 40 column monitor screen.
ANSI X3.64 terminal support, or as much I could manage.
ASCII terminal support (no Extended ASCII)
TELNET code support.
Native support for 300-4800 baud (up to 7200 for SuperCPU enhanced systems)
desk accessory access
internal Phonebook for storing favorite telnet hosts
quick connect option
Echo (duplex) toggle, and on-the-fly term-type changing.
X-Modem upload and download.
64K input buffer support, with LOAD, SAVE (as ANSI or PETSCII), DUMP, and VIEW.

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