BPB 64 The Free Commodore 64 Virtual Synth Plugin


I missed this one over the holidays however there’s no time like the present. Time to unleash vintage Commodore 64 vibes with BPB 64! This new free virtual synth brings the iconic 8-bit sounds of the classic home computer straight into your DAW. It’s got patches sampled from 3 machines, all with different SID chip variations. The patches were all programmed using the MSSIAH cartridge, triggering it via MIDI for maximum convenience.

If you’re not in the know, the SID chip is basically Commodore 64’s audio card. It’s a monophonic synthesizer with both digital and analog components that specialize in old-school synth sounds. For this project, BPB wanted to recreate those classic sounds as well as sample some iconic C64 leads and arpeggios – which it totally did!

Music producers and chip music fans, this is a plugin you can’t miss! BPB 64 was made collaboratively between Bedroom Producers Blog and SampleScience, with 37 lo-fi sounds full of crunchy SID chip goodness. Not only that, but all the samples were recorded directly from the C64 for true authenticity. This isn’t just any regular VST/AU plugin – it’s a must-have for anyone who grew up with Commodore’s classic 8-bit sound!

Want to get that classic chip sound? Dial in some pitch modulation with BPB 64. You can also customize the presets by tweaking the built-in effects and modulation settings – sounds sick! BPB 64 is available in VST and AU formats so you can use it on Windows or macOS. And if that wasn’t enough, you can download it for free (or donate as much as you’d like). Sounds like a win-win!

Click here to download BPB 64