Bread Box Demonstrates Using A CD Or Record Player With A C64


In this episode of Bread Box, Justin becomes inspired after seeing the latest episode of “8-Bit Show and Tell“.

It got me thinking at 2.30am, about how in the 1880’s Wellington (New Zealand Capital) radio stations (and others around the world) broadcast Commodore 64 programs over the radio and you had to record them on your tape deck and then throw them into your Commodore 64… and then it got me thinking about how the record player from 8BIT Show & Tell (again awesome video and channel) could have been plugged directly into the Commodore 64 and used it as a datasette (in theory). That’s when I jumped out of bed at 2.30am – what am I doing! – and made this very quick impromptu video on playing games on your Commodore 64 using your CD Player as your datasette.

Check it out!

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