Bruce Lee – Duology Released


Rebel Android has just released Bruce Lee – Duology featuring Bruce Lee: Return of Fury+ and the classic Bruce Lee game that was originally published for the C64 back in 1984 by DataSoft.

Here’s everything that comes with the package:

  • Return of Fury+┬áis a bug-fixed and enhanced version of Return of Fury.
  • No intros.
  • Configurable character colours.
  • Easy / Hard modes.
  • Competition mode.
  • Cheats.
  • A version with alternative sprites by TIX.
  • 3 player action using a Protovision 4 player adapter.
  • The classic Bruce Lee game, with 3 player support.
  • The amazing loader picture by Rune Spaans set to haunting music by Anders Rodahl.
  • The classic loader picture set to stunning music by Ole Marius Pettersen.

Multiple editions of the game are available for download such as .d64 and .crt. Click the link below to get your copy now.

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