Building A Better Rival To THEC64 Maxi


In this episode Phil Kruman decides he wants to build something better than the recently released THEC64. In his own words…

“The C64 Maxi or ‘The C64’ remake of the classic Commodore 64 is a great machine. But I got to wondering if it was possible to produce something better. Not in terms of what the C64 Maxi could do, or looked like, but from a more customisable machine that reuses original parts that many people have lying around in draws that are dead and unloved. The aim was not to produce a C64 Maxi clone, but something that could be used for other things including becoming a modern desktop computer with access to the internet and modern software. This is part one which deals with the thought process of producing a C64 maxi and original Commodore 64 version for the 21st century.”

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