As promised Stefany has come back with an additional update this month on the C265 Foenix Project. She’s posted a photo of the Revision B motherboard as well as a photographic breakdown of the differences between the original motherboard and the Rev B version.

C265 Foenix Project Rev B PCB

Stefany is hard at work making a video where she’s going to explain the design differences between Rev A and why some of those choices didn’t make it into the Rev B board. She reports the that the new board should arrive this week and have the board assembled in time for the end of the month which leads to

Stefany will not be appearing at Toronto Pet User Group World of Commodore 2018 however she may be giving a Skype presentation and will most likely premeier the built Rev B Foenix board then.

C265 Foenix Project Rev A PCB
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