C256 Foenix Project – Jan 1st, 2019 UPDATE


Finally a video update and below I’ve added the content from Stefany latest newsletter update.

Audio CODEC, SDCARD Controller, Bitmap Graphics

The Holidays have been very prolific, however, I would have needed a lot more time to do what I had planned to do. No matter, a lot has been achieved nonetheless. A revision B2 PCB has been assembled eliminating the need to do many patches. The SDCard controller has been debugged and programmed. So far, it can mount a card, get the directory and read files.

This in itself is a great milestone as it will open the door to being able to load file for the graphics sub-system and the sound system.

Talking about the Sound system. The new CODEC designed-inĀ in Revision B has been debugged and programmed to allow the input channel to output on the headphones. Unfortunately, there is a small bug with the line-out filter system that will require some changes. At this point, it is not critical at all. This CODEC allows the system to capture audio samples, to play them back as well as mixing all the different audio inputs. Like the FPGA SID, the 2x OPL2 FM synthesis chip and the internal sample DAC playback, etc…

This is in a nutshell what was achieved in the last 2 weeks.

The weeks will be mostly about finishing the Tiling system, the sprites, the hardware debug system and getting the OPL2 to output sound.

Jan 1st 2019 update

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