Stefany over at the C256 Foenix Project has posted picture of the latest design of the C256 Foenix Enclosure. It’s a bit of a departure from the first version. As you can see she has added the joystick controlers, AV ports and a SD Card slot to the front. It kind of reminds me of a Nintendo 64 or Dreamcast with this new layout. I have to say I like it and it will certainly make it easier to interface with the console.

C256 Foenix New and Original case designs.

In addition to the new case design Stefany has now announced she’s looking for early adopters to the platform. Here’s her statment below:

This is a shout-up to anyone that is interested to be part of the early-adopter program of the C256 Foenix.

– The People I am looking for, for this first phase are peeps that are willing to put some time in the machine to help finish what Tom Wilson did early on with the Kernel which is basically to help finish the coding of the text management for the screen and put in place a small command parser so we can actually do things from the Keyboard.
– People that are okay about working on a prototype boards
– People that are somewhat hardware oriented that can help me with the debugging part. Report Bug.
– People that will share with the community their work for the betterment of the project, at least for the beginning.
– People that are okay about working on a machine that is far from being finished.
– People that can deal with the fact that the machine is not user friendly at all at this point.
– People that want to create really cool things (games, application, music, graphics, etc…) even in this harsh environment.

Please send an email for me to invite you on our discord channel.

Thanks for your time.



So what do you think? Is a new hardware project like this or the MEGA65 something you’re interested in? If so you can contact Stefany via the for more details.

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